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Hi. I’m Crystal.

I am a Graphic Designer & Hand-lettering artist in Halifax, NS. I graduated in 2015 with the Highest Recognition Award from the Graphic Design program at NSCC Waterfront. Over the last two years, I have worked with many small businesses on a freelance level, as well as at a local Print Shop and a Financial industry start-up. All of these positions required that I work on my own as the sole graphic designer, so when Rob Hansen emailed me about your Junior Graphic Designer Position, I was thrilled with the chance to work in a company that would help to sharpen my skills with in-depth critiques and collaboration with senior designers.

Included in this Junior Designer package:

You wouldn’t book a trip without finding out what perks are included in the booking price. And like a memorable vacation, it’s the little details that count the most. Here are four features that make this designer a uniquely qualified candidate!

I'm a public speaker!

I joined Toastmasters to help hone my enthusiasm after college, and have used what I learned there to speak at a number of Tech conferences about WordPress themes, Personal Brand, and Productivity hacks. These skills have translated well in collaboration projects, helping me clearly articulate my thoughts and direction.

Inbound Certified

I loved working in a Marketing team at my last job, so I spent several months going through Inbound Certification and Social media strategy courses online. These have helped me take my information design to a whole new level.

I worked on Cruise Ships

Like a lot of 30-year-old millennials, I had a past life before my current career. I worked with Princess Cruises for two years as a Massage Therapist, and have been to 29+ countries. Give or take.

I worked in Hotels

After finishing my adventures on ships, I transitioned my skills in tourism to work for several hotels in Halifax, from Prince George to the Hiltons. I was supervising the front desk by the time I graduated and left to chase my dream of being a designer.

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Crystal works with a level of passion and enthusiasm that inspires all around her. She is committed to continuously developing her skills, and also using this knowledge to support the team she works with. As a speaker, she is poised and eloquent with a sprinkle of the special humour which makes her unique. While we worked together, Crystal never missed a deadline and always exceeded expectations.

Christina Flemming

Communications Coordinator, The Money Finder


Crystal does excellent quality, well thought out design and a remarkable pace. She doesn’t back down from a challenge or a deadline and she goes the extra mile to get important work done well within timelines. She also happens to be an aspiring speaker on all things design. She spoke at our annual conference to a group of financial professionals.

I truly enjoyed working with Crystal. I watched her make huge strides in her personal and professional growth. Whether you’re considering Crystal for a design project, or as full-time employee, she will bring you the power of beautiful design and intense passion.

Stephanie Holmes

CEO, The Money Finder


I have had the true pleasure of working along side Crystal. Not only is she a gifted graphic designer and artist but a wonderful team player and a valued asset to any business.

Laura Fisher

National Sales Trainer, Autogross

Looking for a place to call home

After all the traveling, adventures and living that digital nomad lifestyle, I’m looking for a place to settle down, that offers an excellent learning experience with a collaborative environment and mentors willing to push me beyond my comfort zone. You can learn more below by checking out my resume, my full portfolio or my blog. Or if you’ve seen enough, I’d love to hear from you.

Booking bonus: What I do in my free time

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