Content Planning manual developed for Eraserheader Design for Q1 2017-2018.
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The Challenge

After spending a couple months immersed in learning inbound content planning with a focus on lead magnets, I needed to test my skills. Working with Alison Knott of Eraserheader, I wanted to see the results I could expect from a business that was 3+ years old after the implementation of an inbound content plan. We developed this plan by shifting focus from dollars for hours to a business model with a portion of revenue coming from Passive income. 

The Solution

The result was a quarterly guide. With the client working in WordPress, the technology changes too rapidly to plan further out. I developed a content strategy based on the emerging trend pushing Authentic content, plotting specific types of content across four social platforms. Along with written out explanations of each content type, Alison was provided with printable flow charts showing how traffic should be directed so that clients would pass through an appropriate sales funnel, and calendars for the months of March – June showing her what static content could be scheduled at the beginning of each week. Last, I included extensive instructions on what opt-ins should be developed and where they directed traffic. 

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