Thank you for attending Podcamp Halifax 2017

Happy Hustle: Get SMART about your goals to increase productivity and decrease creative burnout

Thanks for coming to hear me talk about SMART goals, Creative Burnout, and increasing Productivity.

Thank you all for making my first time speaking at Podcamp such an amazing experience! I was happy to be able to connect with so many creative people in so many different industries and talk about productivity apps and other nerdiness.

During our talk, I covered 3 steps that you can take to avoid creative burn out and keep yourself on track with your personal goals. I also covered what SMART goals are and how to use them in a quarterly schedule to achieve more during the year in your side hustle. And lastly, I covered my top 5 favourite apps to use together to create productivity and decrease every day distractions. All of this is covered in the slides from my presentation, available for download here!

Download Slides

Click on the link below to download the slide deck from Happy Hustle, using SMART goals to increase productivity and avoid creative burnout.
This presentation was given at Podcamp 2017, and slides are for personal use only.

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